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Cruise Lines

Cruising appeal to a wide range of tastes, lifestyles budgets and interests and each cruise line offers its own signature experience. Whether you are looking for romance, excitment, relaxation or escape - there is a cruise to choose from.

Explore the different cruiselines and itineraries and see which meets your needs and expectations - accommodations, meals, entertainment and onboard experience.

Popular Cruise Lines

This category of cruise lines represents the equivalent of floating "Resorts at Sea." The ships range in size from mid-sized (500 to 1500 guests) to large, and includes the newer "mega" cruise ships that can accommodate over 3000 guests.

These value-packed mainstream vacations are feature and activity rich, often exceeding the amenities found on a comparable land-based vacation. The atmosphere is generally casual with opportunities to dress more "formally" on select evenings.

Extensive onboard facilities include pools, health clubs, spas and a selection of dining options including beautiful dining rooms, casual restaurants, pizzerias and a variety of specialty themed restaurants. Most also feature organized age specific "Children's Programs" with trained youth counselors.

One can enjoy "Broadway" or "Vegas" style productions, a comedy act, go dancing or just relax in one of the many onboard lounges. Cruise rates for a resort style cruise typically range from $150 to $350 per person, per day, and vary by season, cruise line, and itinerary.

Premium Cruise Lines

Premium cruise product features same shipboard amenities as a typical contemporary cruise (spas, health clubs, pools, multiple dining options and restaurants, intimate lounges and incredible entertainment, age specific children's programs, casinos and more) but offers additional upscale features for discerning travelers.

Ship size ranges from mid- sized (500-1500 guests) to large (over 1500 guests). Premium class cruises typically feature additional guest space, art collections, refined service and gourmet style cuisine. Cruise rates for resort and premium class vacations can ranger from $175 to $400 per person, per day. Of course rates vary by season, cruise line and itinerary.

Luxury Cruise Lines

Luxury cruises appeal to the traveler who demands the finest quality available and luxury cruise ships offer services and amenities that rival the best resorts worldwide. Ship size are from small, intimate yacht like vessels to mid-sized ships hosting nearly 1000.

Luxury cruise lines offer the highest level of refined personalized service and an environment reflecting the highest quality and taste. Gourmet dining onboard a luxury cruise rivals the best restaurants on land. These luxury vacations are generally categorized by an open seating policy for onboard meals, butler service and additional guest programs and amenities such as complimentary pre/post hotel packages or exclusive shore excursion/tour events.

The atmosphere aboard a luxury cruise ranges from casual to formal and luxury cruise guests can expect a spacious environment, comfort, luxury, choice and unparalleled service. Prices vary by season, itinerary and destination, and range from under $400 to $1000 per person per day.

River Cruises

Explore the different cruiselines and itineraries and see which meets your needs and expectations.

Niche Cruises

Niche and specialty cruises offer guests a cruise vacation with a distinct expertise and focus. Most cruise lines in this category are destination experts and provide guests with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture that they are visiting.

These cruise vacations emphasize destination and discovery and have a broad appeal to experienced travelers. Niche and specialty cruises are a great value and a convenient and comfortable way to see the world. Types of ships, accommodations and amenities vary by cruise line. Cruise fares range from less than $200 to $400 per person per day but will vary based on season and itinerary.